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Living Vibrantly Through the Passage of Time

I have always been fascinated with the wisdom that years of living brings. I can remember as a younger person having conversations with seniors, retirees, friends' grandparents... anyone who had been around the block a few times ("block-rounders", I like to call these wise ones). I was riveted with their lives-- their triumphs, their challenges, and most of all, their take-aways from all of it.

As an adult, this yearning to absorb experiences and insights has not gone away. In my years as a personal trainer, these "block-rounders" must have sensed how much I enjoyed spending time with them, because they made up a large majority of my client roster and seemed to be equally attracted to working with me. Our sessions generally consisted of my helping them get stronger and them answering my questions about their lives. I don't think they minded, and I was enthralled.

Recently, I was scanning the notes in my phone, looking for old ones that I could delete. I stumbled across this note I made 7 years ago. I vividly remember making it. I had spent months thinking about similarities in "block rounders" that I had observed over the years, and it occurred to me to purge them onto a note. They came flying out of my fingers into my phone and I remember that it only took me about 15 minutes to make this list. I haven't changed a thing in copying it from my phone to my laptop screen, nor would I want to.

Imagine how incorporating just 2 or 3 of these 57 ways to live vibrantly could make a huge impact as you gracefully round more blocks in your own life. Here's to living!

1) Find ways to help others.

2) Work as long as possible (if you enjoy what you do).

3) Do work you enjoy and are passionate about.

4) Spend time doing a hobby you love.

5) Have a place to be/something on your schedule every day (or most days of the week).

6) Take as few prescription drugs as possible.

7) Spend time with people who make you feel good.

8) Avoid people who make you feel bad.

9) Stop worrying.

10) Take impeccable care of yourself.

11) Have a healthy relationship with exercise.

12) Keep healthy routines.

13) Let go of the past and stop blaming others for things that happened in the past.

14) Figure out what matters to you and what doesn't.

15) Stay super curious and never stop learning.

16) LAUGH!

17) Make your living space your most favorite place to be.

18) Have a creative outlet.

19) Have a healthy attitude about your appearance.

20) Have a healthy relationship with money.

21) Give energy to your friendships.

22) Don't rely on anyone other than yourself for your happiness.

23) Discover your spirituality and be at peace with it.

24) Have a cheerful disposition.

25) Take vitamins.

26) Avoid sugar.

27) Limit the amount of junk you eat.

28) Eat something green or orange every day.

29) Try natural methods to ailments first.


31) Stay in constant search for what you NEED day by day (rest, work, outdoor time, social time, solitude, etc.).

32) SLEEP.

33) Know your abilities and your limits.

34) Value experiences over things.

35) Travel.

36) Have a healthy relationship and boundaries with social media, news, and screens.

37) Be involved in community events.

38) Hang out with vibrant people who are younger than you.

39) Always have your next challenge/accomplishment on the horizon.

40) SMILE.

41) Help others feel good about themselves.

42) Do not rely on adult children to provide entertainment and fulfillment.

43) Play/spend time with/enjoy children and grandchildren as much as possible.

44) Listen and be willing to change your beliefs.

45) Accept all people for who they are, and know how stressful & pointless it is to try to change people.

46) Do all you can to eliminate stress from your life.

47) Never say "I'm old".

48) Have more on your TODO list than you can possibly do (with no intention to do it ALL).

49) Help a cause that's important and meaningful to you.


51) Keep sugar consumption in check.

52) Make family high on the priority list.

53) Always think of yourself as "in your prime". Recall things you did in your past when you felt especially youthful and vibrant. Do more of those things.

54) CELEBRATE and have parties!

55) Don't think too much/worry about death.

56) Maintain a healthy weight.

57) Spend time outside.

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