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Inside Heather's Toolbox

Imagine what your best, strongest, most authentic self looks like. In our time working together, you will become that person.


I have been curious about health and fitness since I was a child. I got my B.S. in Exercise Science from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville and worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor for many (we'll just leave it at that) years. During this time I became interested in what made people "well" or "unwell". I began to realize that health could not simply be defined as the absence of disease; nor could wellness be encapsulated by diet and exercise alone. These years in working with hundreds of clients helped me understand that to achieve wellness to the fullest extent, it had to be approached holistically. 

I went on to earn my Master's in Health Science from The University of Memphis to learn more about what comprises health from a clinical standpoint. With a firm base of scientific knowledge, I was able to add my own personal experience to help my clients achieve optimal wellness for the rest of their lives. 

I continue to learn all I can about the mind-body connection, how to shift limiting subconscious beliefs that prevent growth and change, and how emotions effect our health. 


Additional certifications that I use in sessions with clients:

*Certified Health and Wellness Coach

*Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

*Certified Reiki Master

*Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

*Psych-K Preferred Facilitator


Image by Patrick Perkins
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