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Child and Family Wellness

I Get it.

As a full-time working mother with three children, I fully understand how challenging it is to to try to keep not only yourself, but your family WELL.


I also understand that we are all doing the best we can. You are already a fantastic parent (or you wouldn't be reading this). Messages we receive about how to raise children are often contradicting and confusing. Having children of my own and as a holistic wellness educator to highschool students, I know how to explain and frame wellness to kids in a way that helps them to feel empowerd, not ashamed.


Wellness should be used as a way to help everyone including children feel great about who they are. I am not a parenting expert, nor am I a child or family therapist. What I can help you with is navigating and applying holistic wellness principles in your day-to-day family life, and help get buy-in from your kids (and maybe even your spouse). I will work with parents and children to set attainable weekly goals that will not only help instill habits for life-long wellness and decrease illness, but will also help all family members to feel more confident, happy, and healthy. 

All families have wonderful strengths and workable challenges. Please contact me to discuss how I can help your unique family, child, or adolescent.

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